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For us, a project is perfect when we can develop it along the entire real estate value chain, from acquisition to completion and letting – for our own portfolio of unconventional assets. With the combined knowledge of our experts and broad repertoire of real estate development capabilities, we are not only able to discover its potential, but also to craft a compelling vision and conceptual idea for sustained added value. Armed with an integrated infrastructure under one roof, efficient processes and a passionate, international team, we can ensure flexibility, short distances, and speedy reaction times.
Our excellent network, long-established relationships, and in-depth market knowledge enable us to quickly identify an asset’s specific potential and to realistically asses suitability and feasibility. Our long-standing presence in the market since 1992 enables us to spot opportunities that are not apparent to others. With the in-house infrastructure at our immediate disposal and structured acquisition processes, we can handle even complex asset and share deals efficiently. This includes the design of an appropriate strategy, the contribution of an architectural idea, and a positioning concept. Finding the right use for the right place with the right tenant is inherently linked to our well balanced real estate value chain.
Our in-house competencies:
  • Identification of assets and opportunities
  • Valuation and due diligence
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Design of the ideal asset purchasing structure – share deals & asset deals
  • Extensive network and market access
We are proud of our investment portfolio of prime Berlin real estate projects that constitute a gross development value of over €1 billion, comprising residential, commercial, and mixed-use assets. And we are equally proud to collaborate with respected equity partners and financial institutions such as mezzanine providers and senior debt lenders who share our commitment to a fair and transparent business approach. Our experience encompasses family and friends’ association investors for small and medium sized projects as well as the cooperation with institutional investors on large projects. To continue our growth strategy, we are always open to increasing our investor base and aim to become the partner of choice for global financial institutional investors.
Our in-house competencies:
  • An extensive, well-established network of private and institutional investors
  • Presentation and recommendation of new business opportunities for investors
  • Comprehensive institutional investor reporting
  • Procurement of equity and outside capital; extensive bank relations for obtaining project financing
  • Preparation of project business plans
  • Bank reporting and monitoring of loan covenants
  • Administration of all bank accounts subject to waterfall as agreed with lenders
  • Continuous monitoring and controlling of project budgets, project invoice controlling
  • Supervision and maintaining all books and records
We know what it takes to develop residential and commercial properties as well as mixed-use projects: from conserving and reviving distressed or listed buildings to new construction from the ground up to an artfully composed combination of both. Our talented specialists are well versed in project management and carefully manage multi-level processes from the project idea through the design, the positioning concept, building law related topics and the liaison with stakeholders including supervisory authorities and neighbors. We are able to transform even intricate spaces and assets to accomplish unprecedented results. Our signature projects, Paragon Apartments and BRICKS Berlin Schöneberg, among other, are two of many proof points of our achievements.
Our in-house competencies:
  • Development of a project vision and project goals, analysis of possible scenarios, masterplan, definition of suitable tenants and tenant mix
  • Asset assessment and support in acquiring the premises
  • Acquiring building law, ensuring compliance and other legal requirements, e.g. council approvals, neighbor agreements
  • Contracting and supervising architects and expert planners in tandem with the Technical Department
  • Project management of early HOAI service phases
  • Project marketing; stakeholder relations
  • Rental and sales supervision
Working under one roof with the development team, our technical department’s civil engineers, architects, and construction supervisors manage and oversee the entire project realization process. They are committed to quality workmanship, continuous improvement of design and construction execution whilst applying value engineering methods. Thanks to the team’s combined wealth of experience they can control general contractors as well as individual contractors efficiently. Their currency is time, quality, and costs.
Our in-house competencies:
  • Steering of the entire construction cycle and technical due diligence
  • Budgeting of building costs and construction schedule calculation and controlling
  • Overseeing the RFP process; contracting and supervision of general contractors and individual contractors
  • Project management of advanced HOAI phases
  • Construction site management including documentation
  • Acceptance of construction works; ensuring defects are rectified
Each of our properties is treated as a stand-alone business and is supervised by our in-house asset management team who understand their role as the interface to owners, finance partners, property management companies, and tenants. They focus on optimizing concepts and maintaining asset for property owners whilst understanding tenants’ requirements. Our team’s overriding objective is to increase the value of the asset through excellent management – for the people living and working there, for the community-at-large, and for its owners.
Our in-house competencies:
  • Interface between owners, financial department and property management
  • Identification and enhancement of asset development potential and processes
  • Business plan contribution, supervision of liquidity planning
  • Capex planning
  • Integrated property management department that both manages own and third-party properties
  • Management of the company’s facility managers for selected projects
  • Rental price assessments
  • In-house commercial and residential letting
  • Identification and acquisition of potential new anchor and key tenants; proactively anticipating tenant rotation
  • Pro-active collaboration with tenants’ expansion representatives and brokerage community
  • Negotiation of terms and conditions, assurance of handover readiness and compliance with individually contracted requirements of new tenants
  • In-house legal support and guidance for all real estate transactions
  • In-house legal support, preparation of documentation, drafting, and negotiation on behalf of all project companies in the following areas of law:
    • Building law
    • Zoning law
    • Private construction law
    • Tenancy law – commercial and residential
    • Civil law and contract law
    • Corporate law
Communication & Graphic Design
  • Project marketing planning and execution for projects – print and online – in cooperation with project management
  • Development of a bespoke brand and identity for each project
  • Creation of floor plans and area plans
  • Photographic documentation
  • Signage and lighting design concepts for construction authorities
  • Project public relations