We are all one.

At home in Berlin

Our Vision

Our Spirit

Marco Acquaviva
Assistant Technical Department
Emrah Akgün
Facility Manager
Luciana Amaral
Property & Tenant Relations Manager
Altan Arslanoglu
Senior Project Manager
Daniel Avner
Partner & Special Projects
Andrea Baumgart
HR Manager
Laura Lisa Biermann
Head of Letting
Nicole Bölter
Office Manager

Wir alle leisten unseren Beitrag zu einer positiven Stadtentwicklung – durch die Entwicklung von Immobilien und das Kreieren und Pflegen von lebenswerten Orten. #SurprisingSpaces

Isabel Carrillo
Junior Project Manager
Genia Choukhman
Coordinator Project Management
Paul Damm
Senior Finance Manager
Klaus Diederichs
Senior Advisor
Dr. Konstantinos Dikeos
Partner & Chief Technical Officer
Jessica Esser
Head of Communication Public & Investor Relations
Ortrud Franke
Residential Letting Manager
Fabian Frohne
Project Partner
Marcel Gmerek
Chief Financial Officer
Petra Götze
Financial Accountant
Mike Gutman
Emilia Heinze
Trainee Office Management
Fabian Hosch MRICS
Head of Acquisition
Awol Kalid
Construction Manager
Lior Karavian
Project Manager
Lital Karavian
Trainee Property & Tenant Relations Management
Zohar Karavian
Logistics Manager
Christian Kietzmann
Property & Tenant Relations Manager
Anny Koch
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Cornelia Kohlhaupt, LL.M.
General Counsel - Corporate & Compliance Attorney at Law (Syndikusrechtsanwältin)
John C. Kornblum
Senior Advisor
Indris Kothe
Property & Tenant Relations Manager

The development of #SurprisingSpaces and properties is always the result of an exceptional team and network of advisors, supporters and visionaries.

Andreas Krüger
Facility Manager
Achim Ladeburg
Technical Project Manager
Christine Lamprecht
Head of Design & Visual Communication
Sören Liebe
Facility Manager
Anna Liebrecht
Accountant – Property & Tenant Relations Management
Jessica Liese
Head of Property & Tenant Relations Management
Dr. Claus Löwe
Senior Advisor
Konstantinos Maleskos
Junior Graphic Designer
Alexandra Merfort
Coordinator Project Management
Lev Mindlin
Acquisition Manager
Heskel Nathaniel
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Loan Nguyen
Financial Controller
Andreas Nigrin
Technical Project Manager
David Nikolay
Facility Manager
Daniel Otto
Facility Manager
Günter Polauke
Senior Advisor
Amir Ramot
Partner & Head of Business Development
Bruno Remmler
Technical Project Manager
Noam Rosenthal
Director of Spatial Design
Lara Schlesinger
Project Manager
Alexander Schober MRICS
Senior Project Manager
Constantin Schramm
Assistant Project Management
Liborio Sciarrotta
Facility Manager
Barbara Sellwig
Senior Project Manager
David Shalom
Head of Facility Management
Danielle Shapira
Partner & Chief Project Officer
Vladimir Sokolov
Fabian Stapel
General Counsel – Real Estate
Marilena Stylianou
Trainee Executive
Neophytos Stylianou
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Noa Tovia
Head of Asset Management
Ariel Vlodavsky
Technical Project Manager

We believe that social and ethical values are fundamental to an authentic, transparent and respectful collaboration, both with each other and with our business partners, tenants, and the community at large.

Paula Wistuba
Property & Tenant Relations Manager
Nadine Zacharias
Financial Accountant
Dor Asraf Zweigenbaum
Project Manager