July 22, 2019

Travelling backin time to divided Berlin

A travel back in time to what was once the divided city is soon possible. Charlie Living’s new tenant TimeRide will open a new attraction very close to Checkpoint Charlie, enabling time traveling journeys through fascinating virtual reality technology.

The Wall split the world, divided a country, and tore apart a city. Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, our new tenant TimeRide dedicates a completely new attraction to the once divided city. On 24 August 2019, the TimeRide opens its Berlin location in our new quarter Charlie Living, very close to Checkpoint Charlie. There, virtual reality technology brings the past to life and enables a unique journey through time from West to East. Equipped with VR glasses, visitors experience the border crossing Checkpoint Charlie, look through the Wall into opposing worlds, meet historic witnesses on their VR journey and travel through East Berlin in a 1980s bus.

Visiting TimeRide is suitable for individuals, groups and families with children from six years old. More information: TimeRide Berlin