April 16, 2018

Introducing: Israeli Flying Aid

It is one of the largest tragedies of our time—the civil war in Syria. For the last seven years different groups are trying to seize control of the country. Millions of ordinary people had to flee from their homes, hundreds of thousands lost their lives, and tens of thousands of children became orphans. The bombs and chemical weapons do not make a difference, they hit all, children, babies, old people—this genocide is happening right before our very eyes.

Several non-governmental organizations are trying to help wherever they can. We would like to highlight one of them, the Israeli Flying Aid (IFA). Its members and supporters deliver life-saving aid to communities affected by natural disaster and human conflict, transcending differences, prejudices, race, nationality, religion and creed. And during the last seven years, Israel Flying Aid has been providing critical aid to Syrian civilians. With the campaign #Andtheworldissilent the Israeli Flying Aid calls for attention and support to immediately help the most innocent: children and orphans.

Together with another partner we support the Israeli Flying Aid and have committed to cover the organization’s administrative costs over a period of three years. With this financial security IFA can focus on saving lives in Syria instead on the daily struggle of self-preservation. More information: Israeli Flying Aid