August 23, 2018

Our very own project: The Trocklounge

“It is the encounters with people that make life worth living,” stated once Guy de Maupassant (1850 – 1893), French narrator and novelist. And if such encounters take place in an environment in which everyone feels comfortable, that encourages conversation, then it can be a source of much new and inspirational.

Our new Trockland Lounge—we just inaugurated with our entire team and friends—is to be just as much a place. Located at ground level in the first courtyard of our project BRICKS Berlin Schöneberg, our team worked hard to create a tasteful space for small and large meetings and events, which also satisfies the requirements of monument conservationists. Here, we also plan to facilitate encounters that offer new aspects through lectures by interesting guest speakers and stimulate discussion. Our small series of events will always have a different motto. Therefore: Let us now look forward to many more encounters that will make life worth living!