March 9, 2020

Social Responsibility

Our home is in Berlin and it is especially close to our hearts to support organizations that contribute to the positive development of this city and its people.

The Kabbalah Centre BerlinThe Kabbalah Centre Berlin, a center for the study of ancient Jewish wisdom, is located in BRICKS Berlin Schöneberg, directly above the offices of the Trockland team. The top floor of the former Fernsprechamt West was extensively renovated by Trockland according to plans by Graft Architekten for the Centre, and the historic 7.5 meter high coffered ceilings were restored. The Centre is an important part of the BRICKS neighborhood and a source of inspiration for many people.

ICKE in Buch is an initiative for chronically ill children at the HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch. Besides financial support, Trockland was also involved in the renovation of hospital rooms. The idea of doing something very concrete for sick children and their families in our city of Berlin is as natural as it is important. In one way or another, everyone comes into contact with the subject of illness in their lives. The desire for healing and health is a central experience, especially for children. Every opportunity at HELIOS Klinikum to make this experience a positive one for everyone involved, such as through clinic clowns, art, music and dance therapists, or craft and painting afternoons, is precious and worthy of support.

Kunsthof Köpenick e.V. describes itself as a neighborhood meeting place for social and economic participation for all citizens - regardless of gender, sexual orientation, origin, skin color and denomination. We deeply welcome this spirit, because the Trockland team also thrives on its human diversity and the exchange of different ideas and perspectives. We support the regular peace concerts of the Kunsthof.

The Jüdischer Kindergarten Gan Israel in Berlin-Charlottenburg is staffed by two state-certified educators who speak German with the children according to the Berlin educational program. Each group is also supervised by a Hebrew-speaking educator who teaches the children Jewish traditions and speaks only Hebrew with the kids. The teamwork between the German and Hebrew educators is very close, creating a diverse cultural and religious foundation for the children. Trockland sponsors children and is happy to contribute to the future of Jewish life in Berlin.

The Louis Lewandowski Festival has been connecting people through music for the past 10 years. The program provides knowledge, brings Jewish worship to life, and offers exciting approaches to Jewish culture and to music that inspires both connoisseurs and new audiences. This unique and special music festival is a great asset for Berlin and Trockland is proud to support it together with many other committed people.

The Architekten- und Ingenieurverein zu Berlin-Brandenburg e.V was founded in 1824 by 18 young "Bauconducteure" in Berlin. Important personalities of the building industry were members of the association. It is part of the tradition to cultivate the close connection between architecture and engineering. Its founding objectives are still as relevant today as they were then: architects and engineers belong together in their work as equals. Modern construction in particular cannot do without the constant cooperation and collaboration of all those involved. Within the framework of its activities, the AIV Berlin-Brandenburg therefore promotes mutual understanding among its members from different fields - an objective that we share and support with great conviction.