June 26, 2020

Trockland group is in excellent shape. A dialogue at Checkpoint Charlie is essential!

We would have liked to resume our dialogue with all involved parties regarding the project development at Checkpoint Charlie in a different way, but sometimes clear signals are inevitable. Filing for application of preliminary insolvency proceedings on the assets of the Checkpoint Charlie project developer Trockland IX Real Estate GmbH is to be understood as exactly that: A request to Berlin’s politicians to resume negotiations. The responsibility lies clearly in the hands of the Berlin Senate, who has been blocking any proposals to reach an agreement regarding unresolved land register and property issues. A development of Checkpoint Charlie is not possible without clarifying those issues.

Filing for application for preliminary insolvency proceedings relates exclusively to the project company Trockland IX Real Estate GmbH. All other Trockland project companies and Trockland Group as a whole is in excellent condition and its financial strength is not affected in any way by the filing. We are confident that also for the project company Trockland IX Real Estate GmbH this situation is just a temporary state.

Trockland has been pursuing the vision to develop Checkpoint Charlie into a worthy inner city location adequate to its (historical) importance for the past four years. From the beginning the Berlin Senate, the public, experts and politicians were involved in developing those ideas together with Trockland. It is about time to find a solution for Berlin’s urban development at this important location, which is a historic symbol of overcoming division. Our goal is to create a place of education and remembrance in the heart of Berlin. 30 years after the Fall of the Wall and the dismantling of the border facilities at Checkpoint Charlie, this lighthouse project would be an appropriate signal for our city.