March 4, 2019

Trockland founder adopts nursury sponsorships

All children should be given the best possible start and education opportunities, regardless of origin or status. Unfortunately, the reality is often a different one. For this reason, one of Trockland’s founders is sponsoring the nursery fees for ten children from socially disadvantaged families for one year. Children from the Jewish kindergarten Gan Israel in Berlin are supported.

The educational concept of Gan Israel is based on three pillars: The children are encouraged to make their own decisions, to develop respect for themselves and others and to get to know their environment. This strengthens self-esteem and teaches independence. A varied program is designed to appeal to the child’s heart and mind and thus support cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Today more important than ever: The knowledge about Jewish traditions and rituals should be conveyed in a creative and protective environment, so that the children not only expand their knowledge about Judaism but become a part of it.