January 30, 2018

New energy for Checkpoint Charlie

It has become a beautiful Trockland tradition that we, together with our team members, friends, and business partners commit the start of each construction project with our very own way of laying the foundation stone: We place a Zohar in the grounds as a symbol of an immaterial foundation. More details > The Zohar is considered the most significant writing of the Kabbalah and goes back to biblical texts. The name Zohar means “radiant shine”. As part of the ceremony, we want to symbolically expose the positive energy of the Zohar into the construction site in order to ignite the transformation from the past into the future; from separation and mistrust to unity and freedom. We were especially delighted that Karen Berg, the head of the Kabbalah Centres worldwide, accompanied the ceremony on our western plot at Checkpoint Charlie with her inspiring words. We say thank you to all those involved for their continuous support and wish lots of success.

Wir freuten uns sehr, dass Karen Berg, Leiterin der Kabbalah Zentren in aller Welt, mit ihren inspirierenden Worten die Zeremonie auf unserem Westgrundstück am Checkpoint Charlie begleitet hat. Wir sagen allen Beteiligten Danke für Ihre Unterstützung und wünschen viel Erfolg.