June 2, 2020

Dear Partners, Team and Friends of Trockland.

It is with pleasure that I take this opportunity to share some good news. News that we had been expecting.

The public prosecutor’s office in Berlin has officially closed the investigation against our managing director colleagues and myself. The manipulated and fabricated accusations against us, which were initiated falsely through various personal agendas related to Checkpoint Charlie, have been refuted beyond doubt.

In January 2019, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office received information from the Senate Administration of Justice following newspaper reports and an open complaint letter, and opened formal investigation proceedings. The proceedings against TROCKLAND are now officially closed

Even though we never doubted at any given moment that the truth would come to light, a strong, reliable team is needed when accusations such as “money laundering” are being made. I would like to thank all our partners, friends and colleagues who have supported us on this issue over the past two years. Your support brought us both hope and reassurance.

Now that the clouds are clearing up again, one thing becomes very visible: TROCKLAND stands for honesty, integrity and transparency. These values are our common foundation, which has proven to be resilient and steadfast.

Thank you all for your unreserved support and your trust that the truth will always prevail.