October 29, 2019

Welcome, Oxfam

“Bigger, better, newer”: On approx. 190 m² of brand-new space Oxfam opened a book shop last September in our project BRICKS Berlin Schöneberg. Our new tenant in Hauptstrasse 29 sells books of all kinds, DVDs, records and OxfamUnverpackt – charity gifts with a purpose. The idea behind the Oxfam shops is simple and effective: Volunteer teams sell items in second-hand shops that have become superfluous for the donors but can still be used. Discarded items find a new use and valuable resources are spared. The profits benefit the development work of Oxfam Deutschland e.V.

Wir wünschen dem Oxfam-Team viel Erfolg in den neuen Räumen! Mehr Informationen: Oxfam Shops