December 21, 2018

Some holiday thoughts: about people and connections

An eventful year is drawing to a close. We have experienced many positive moments, we were able to start construction work on our two projects Eiswerk and PIER 61|63, welcomed new tenants and employees, met new people who stand behind us and encourage us…

Unfortunately, there were also setbacks: For the first time we had to experience a big fire – thanks to the great efforts of the fire brigades nobody was harmed. And then there’s Checkpoint Charlie. We were confronted with an unbelievable smear campaign in the media, the aim of which was to bring the entire project into discredit, even to failure. We had to learn that not everyone shares our understanding of trusting cooperation. Thoughtfully we now go to the holidays but look forward to a joyful and harmonious time with our relatives and friends.

We thank all our friends and business partners for their commitment, support and cooperation. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a successful and healthy New Year. “Basically, it is always the connections with people that give life its value,” Wilhelm von Humboldt stated a long time ago. We can agree to this without reservation.