October 23, 2018

The gate to Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie is undoubtedly one of the focal points of world history. Therefore, the “Museum Kalter Krieg” will form a centerpiece in the future urban quarter Checkpoint Charlie. For us, it is a privilege that Trockland will build the museum for the Land of Berlin, which will be operated by the Berlin Wall Foundation (Stiftung Berliner Mauer).

To get a better understanding for the future museum, we met with the Foundation’s experts at the central place of remembrance of the German division, the “Bernauer Strasse Memorial”. In an impressive way, they explained to us the procedure for creating memorial sites that (in some cases) no longer exist. Through individual fates woven into the overarching theme—which has become abstract for many young people—the story is poignantly told.

The Foundation’s research continues and has now been extended to Checkpoint Charlie. To our great pleasure we were able to visit the Lapidarum, where finds of the former walls are deposited. For us, the gate found less than two years ago at Checkpoint Charlie was one of the highlights.

We were particularly impressed by the passion and great commitment of the Berlin Wall Foundation team. We are sure that the future museum will be an exciting, interactive place for Berliners and people from all over the world, telling the story of the division of this place and many other sites in a very captivating way.