January 24, 2019

„Das letzte Mahl“ – a sign against the far right for 1,000 Berlin students

On 30 January 2019, 130 movie theaters in Germany will send a “signal against the far right” at 8 p.m. and show the film “Das letzte Mahl” (The Last Supper). 86 years earlier, on 30 January 1933, the darkest chapter in Germany’s history began: It is the day on which Adolf Hitler was appointed Reich Chancellor. The film tells the story of the Jewish Glickstein family sitting together for dinner, telling jokes and discussing the political situation in Germany.

In his movie debut, Director Florian Frerichs tells the story of the Jewish Glickstein family sitting together for dinner, telling jokes, discussing the political situation in Germany, whilst not being able to foresee that the world will be a different one the next morning. Surprising trenches open up: While nineteen-year-old Leah tells her parents that she will go to Palestine, her eighteen-year-old brother and his friends want to join the Nazi torchlight procession to pay homage to the new era.

Over 130 cinemas have responded to the call and show the film, which was produced without state support, completely independent of broadcasters or other institutions. In addition, in selected cities local sponsors such as the Egerer Privatbrauerei, EndemolShine, the confectionery manufacturer Hermann Bühlbecker and others are covering the costs for school performances the same day. Trockland is supporting the initiative as well and takes over 1,000 tickets for Berlin pupils. They will see the movie at 10.30 a.m. in the Kulturbrauerei.

„Das letzte Mahl“ ist eine Produktion der Warnuts Entertainment. Regie: Florian Frerichs, Drehbuch: Dr. Stephan Warnatsch & Florian Frerichs, Musik: Ingo Frenzel, Kamera: Konstantin Freyer, Schnitt: Christian R. Timmann. Mit Bruno Eyron, Michael Degen, Charles Brauer, Sharon Brauner, Patrick Mölleken, Bela B. Felsenheimer, Sandra von Ruffin, Judith Hoersch, Adrian Topol, Daphna Rosenthal, Mira Elisa Goeres und Werner Daehn. Deutscher Verleih ist Apollo Film, Weltvertrieb Studio Hamburg Enterprises.