July 18, 2020

berlinHistory app awarded the Digitization Prize "DigAMus 2020"

Berlin's eventful history is omnipresent as one moves through the city. The berlinHistory app makes all this exciting information visually accessible and has developed a camera module for smartphones and tablets especially for this purpose. Users can load historical images into the camera module at the location of the photographer at the time, and then take a current photo of the location from exactly this perspective. A "before and after picture" is automatically created, which can be uploaded directly from the app and shared via social channels.

At the end of 2020, the app was awarded the "DigAMus 2020," a digitization prize awarded for the first time by German museums in the "best apps" category. 129 museums were involved. The basis for the award was the nomination by an expert jury and a national public vote with over 8,000 votes. The award honors museum projects that are best practice examples on the road to digitization.

Images from private collections can also be forwarded to the berlinHistory editorial team, thereby continuously expanding the collection. For the localization of further images, the users of the app are asked for active support. The project will also be part of project days in Berlin schools. The app provides a wide range of information about the city's history on current and historical maps and aerial photos with texts, photos, films, interviews with contemporary witnesses and tours.

Founder of the app is the association berlinHistory e.V., which has set itself the goal of collecting the many facets of Berlin's history in a sustainable manner, making them accessible to users, and also referring them to the institutions that deal intensively with the respective topics. The idea for the berlinHistory app evolved from the Rummelsburg.app, which Rainer Klemke, former memorial and museum officer of the Berlin Senate, developed together with Oliver Brentzel and Klaus König of the docombinat for the Rummelsburg memorial in 2012. Trockland is proud to support the activities of berlinHistory e.V..

Trockland is proud to support the activities of berlinHistory e.V..

Further information and app download at https://www.berlinhistory.app/english/