May 6, 2021

On the way to climate neutrality

A new focus in project development is on our agenda: With two new construction projects in Berlin-Mitte and Berlin-Friedrichshain, we are pursuing the goal of building more sustainably and are also building with a timber construction for the first time.

With the project „A Laska“ in the northeastern part of Berlin's Mediaspree, on Laskerstrasse at the corner of Markgrafendamm, two new office buildings with a net area of around 7,600 m² are being built according to designs by renowned Graft architects. The building concept integrates a timber construction in a visionary design, in which wood accounts for about one third of the building volume due to the statics and the regulation of non-inflammable materials for the fire protection. With this construction, the overall CO2 emissions of the project can be significantly reduced, which contributes to the targeted climate neutrality of the two buildings. In addition, there are the many advantages of the timber construction, such as the thermal insulation of the buildings. In cooperation with Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering , it was possible to calculate the global warming potential savings of 52% for the shell-construction alone compared with a conventional concrete structure. The calculation is based on the entire life cycle, from the manufacturing process through dismantling and disposal to the recycling potential of the buildings in comparison. The sustainable aspects also include extensive measures to reduce the energy consumption of the office buildings to an absolute minimum: A photovoltaic system, modern technology for heating and cooling, and a system for using rainwater. The design concept also includes extensive gardening and landscaping, which incorporates the roof terraces and ensures reduction of the heat effect from the surfaces. Together with Graft architects, Trockland is pursuing a vision of a vibrant and sustainable neighborhood for the site. An international LEED Platinum certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is being pursued for A Laska.

For the project coe48, located on Köpenicker Strasse at the corner of Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg, an overall sustainable concept is also planned based on designs by Tchoban Voss architects with the goal of a LEED Platinum certification. The new office and apartment building will offer six floors and a seventh staggered floor, with 4,250 m² of net space and commercial space on the ground floor. Heat pump technology, a rainwater system to reduce drinking water consumption, which uses over 98% of rainwater, and a climate-friendly building shell are planned for the project - as well as an intensively landscaped courtyard and roof garden with a high quality of stay for the future office and apartment tenants. A café, lobby lounge and additional work and conference rooms are planned for the ground floor with four-meter-high ceilings.

"Together with all our partners, we see it as an important challenge and responsibility to support the national and European climate roadmap with our new construction projects. Climate-neutral buildings and timber structures are more than just a trend. It is an existential task for the entire real estate sector and construction industry with a high degree of urgency for all responsible parties," emphasizes Dor Asraf Zweigenbaum, responsible project manager at Trockland.