January 9, 2020

Dismantled. Stored. Rebuilt. The coffee is ready @ Portier Coffee!

One of the many jewels of our project BRICKS Berlin Schöneberg shines in new splendor: The former gatekeeper’s house of the Postfuhramt West (former postal service’s haulage department) is as “Portier Coffee” shop a new contact point for all who live and work in the area and in BRICKS. Ayhan Yilmaz and Vytas Caim run their coffee shop with much love and skillful latte art motifs on the cappuccino crema. They offer coffee specialties, brioches, and croissants, kombucha in many different flavors and from lunchtime delicious panini.

Whether it’s a quick espresso, which is often served directly through the window to the passing connoisseur, or a small breakfast inside in the morning, Portier Coffee exudes a special charm. In order to preserve its unique character and to protect it from damage in the course of the new buildings that were constructed, a very complex solution was found: translocation. The cottage was dismantled, each brick was indexed, stored and then everything rebuilt in its old place. The clou: The newly built residential building at Belziger Strasse 33 seems to be enthroned above Portier Coffee.