“Stolpersteine” (stumbling stones) started as an art project to commemorate all victims of Nazi persecution in front of their last chosen place of residence. A Stolperstein would symbolically return them to their neighborhood so many years after being torn away from their daily lives.

Since November 2016, four “Stolpersteine” in front of the house Koepenicker Strasse 40-41 gives the family Baruch a face. They lived here until 1942 and the parents Richard and Gertrud committed suicide to escape the expected deportation. Their son Martin Moshe Baruch was able to escape in 1938 to Palestine. Now, for the first time, his descendants from the US visited Berlin and in particular the home of their great-grandfather, grandparents, and father. Together with neighbors of Koepenicker Strasse, team members from Trockland and the Stolperstein association, they commemorated their ancestors in a touching ceremony. During their days in Berlin, the Baruch family was able to learn much more about their loved ones through research support from the volunteers of Stolpersteine Berlin. For us, it was wonderful to see what impact this initiative makes in people’s lives.
More information: Stolpersteine Berlin

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