Topping out celebrations are true milestones and provide a reason to celebrate when the shell of a building is completed. It was with great joy when we just celebrated the topping out ceremony of Charlie Living. Trockland CEO Heskel Nathaniel and Stephan von der Heyde from the management of Züblin AG Germany thanked all project participants and especially the construction workers for their commitment and hard work. After the foreman spoke the blessings on the construction site, a crane pulled up the topping out wreath high into the sky - accompanied by baritone Denis Milo, who framed the ceremony with the song "Über den Wolken (Above the clouds)". The construction workers were particularly impressed by a small exhibition with photos of them at work; Their joy was great when they found themselves on the motives.

(Photocredit: Andreas Schwarz)


In the year 2018 Germany has been united for 28 years, exactly as long as the Berlin Wall (1961-1989) existed. On the occasion of this “time equinox” GRAFT and Marianne Birthler will present the exhibition "Unbuilding Walls" from the 26th of May 2018 in the German Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Biennale in Venice.

The exhibition responds to current debates on nations, protectionism and demarcation. In the German Pavilion GRAFT and Marianne Birthler use the time equinox as an opportunity to investigate the effects of division and the process of healing as a dynamic spatial phenomenon. Particular attention is paid to outstanding urban and architectural examples. We are delighted that Checkpoint Charlie will also be part of the exhibition. The current discussion about past, present and future will be woven into the urban concept. More information: Unbuilding

(Photocredit: Pablo Castagnola)

It has become a beautiful Trockland tradition that we, together with our team members, friends, and business partners commit the start of each construction project with our very own way of laying the foundation stone: We place a Zohar in the grounds as a symbol of an immaterial foundation. The Zohar is considered the most significant writing of the Kabbalah and goes back to biblical texts. The name Zohar means "radiant shine". As part of the ceremony, we want to symbolically expose the positive energy of the Zohar into the construction site in order to ignite the transformation from the past into the future; from separation and mistrust to unity and freedom.

We were especially delighted that Karen Berg, the head of the Kabbalah Centres worldwide, accompanied the ceremony on our western plot at Checkpoint Charlie with her inspiring words. We say thank you to all those involved for their continuous support and wish lots of success.

We are proudly welcoming our first project outside of Berlin: Together with the Mayor of Potsdam and Brandenburg’s Under-secretary of Economics and Energy we announced today in a press conference the development of a new hub for the digital transformation on the grounds of the former RAW. Dating back to 1838, the RAW served over 150 years as a railway repair and maintenance center for wagons as well as locomotives and was eventually discontinued in 1999. Located very close to Potsdam Central Station, the site’s core is the so-called “New Hall” from 1912. Today under monument protection, it will be refurbished and complemented with new construction. Trockland’s vision for the project is the creation of a future-oriented microcosm, where a lively and symbiotic exchange between science, established companies, organizations, and start-ups will take place.


The holiday season and the New Year are for many a time of joy and reflection. For Trockland, 2017 was a successful year since it brought us new team members new projects. Therefore, we will start with gratitude and verve into 2018 and are curious, what the New Year will bring us.
With the Chinese New Year the "Year Of The Dog" begins, which is also connected with the element "Earth". Both stand for honesty, loyalty, reliability, sense of order and productivity – these values are a good basis for our work in the coming year. What else will we bring in 2018? There is the Football World Cup in Russia in July. Incidentally, next year Moscow celebrates its 100th anniversary as the country’s capital (again). Many significant figures in history would celebrate their 100th birthday, including John F. Kennedy, Leonard Bernstein and Nelson Mandela. 75 years ago, the book "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was published and has become one of the most successful books in history. Israel celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the state and the EU has proclaimed 2018 the "European Heritage Year – Architecture and Construction Culture Heritage ". Especially for us, the latter is a very positive sign!

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2018 be “your year”!